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Born in Pittsburgh, Jesse is a multimedia personality, creative consultant, content producer, and performer with a deep affinity for his hometown.

Since creating the Emmy-nominated late night show, Pitt Tonight, Jesse has emceed over 80+ events around the Northeast, and has introduced or interviewed everyone from your building's custodian, Joe, to your former Vice President, Joe.

When he's not hosting, Jesse works as the Creative Director for Orange Astronaut, LLC – a Media & Advertising agency based in Downtown Pittsburgh. 

He continues to produce content both in front of & behind the camera for a variety of outlets around the city, plays multiple instruments, and does standup and improv from time to time as well. He's also extremely uncomfortable writing in the third person.

"You've watched Stephen Colbert. You've seen Fallon, and Kimmel, and Corden and Conan. But have you watched Irwin?"

— Ken Rice, KDKA-TV Anchor

"I smoked a lot of weed...but that was the '80s."

– Bill Peduto, Mayor (& Guest on Pitt Tonight)

"As a leader, he is great at starting the conversation and then seeing where you take it. Jesse has a vision and he makes that vision happen, but with Pitt Tonight, I see someone who has made a collaboration of many different people produce wonderful results."

– Caleb Porto, Local Filmmaker

"Jesse just interacts with people at various levels very well...I recommend him wholeheartedly to MC your event."

– Shawn Ahearn, Pitt Student Affairs

"Jesse has an amazing knack for inspiring children, and was highly successful in accomplishing this task in a way no one else could."

– Eileen Riley

"I know from personal experience that when Jesse Irwin accepts a writing assignment, he will do whatever it takes to meet his deadline with an eminently publishable product."

– Lee Chottiner, Editor-in-Chief of The Jewish Chronicle


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Brand & Social Media Development & Consulting
  • On-Camera Interviewing, Hosting, Reporting
  • Videography & Editing
  • Community Outreach & Fundraising
  • Public Speaking
  • Keyboard, Guitar, Accordion, Juggling


As long as Jesse can remember, he's always wanted to entertain and inform. Taking on the roles of Gene Kelly in "Singin' in the Rain" and Ren McCormick in Footloose, Jesse captured his love of performance in elementary and middle school. Come high school, he took on journalism, being sports editor for the school paper, creating and anchoring the school's online news channel, and doing the morning announcements over the intercom. Jesse also was the place kicker for his high school's football team, making All-City his senior year. Furthermore, he was a starting singles player for the City Championship winning tennis team, and participated as a player and coach for several basketball programs. 

In October 2012, Jesse was forced to withdraw from Penn State University after he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and spent the remainder of the year hospitalized. After making a full recovery, Jesse transferred to the University of Pittsburgh, where he hit the ground running by doing play-by-play sports broadcasting on WPTS-FM and all sorts of reporting for The Pitt News.

Then, Jesse started hosting.

With what began as a simple idea, Jesse assembled a staff of 70+ students to help him create the on-campus late night show – "Pitt Tonight." Serving as a talk/variety platform for corners of the university and city to come together, "Pitt Tonight" provides an educational opportunity for students pursuing everything from writing and production to marketing and music (that's right, there's even a house band). Taping in front of audiences of 500, and with guests ranging from politicians, scientists, rock bands, and screenwriters, to poets, cafeteria workers, ballerinas, and athletes, Jesse used the late night format to spotlight the unappreciated members of the school community, and to hone his skills as an emcee. In October 2016, "Pitt Tonight" was nominated for two regional Emmy's for Best Arts & Entertainment Program and Jesse in the Talent Category – the first Emmy nominations in University of Pittsburgh history.

Since then, Jesse has emceed 70+ events around the city of Pittsburgh, including opening for Vice President Joe Biden in Spring 2016. He has also reported from countless events, including live streaming for the White House's Frontiers Conference in Fall 2017.

Jesse is currently based here in Pittsburgh, doing standup comedy, improv, and reporting for several outlets. For what it's worth, Jesse also plays piano and guitar by ear, and has performed with multiple groups around the city.


CONAN, Summer 2016

KDKA-TV, Spring 2016

93.7 The Fan, Summer 2014

Steeltown Entertainment Project, 2012